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Fort Devens,  Massachusetts

First built as Camp Devens in 1917, Devens has 4,440 acres of very well maintained, campus-like grounds.  Even at the height of its use as an army base, with 6.93 square miles, outsiders barely noticed soldiers and tanks on maneuvers. 

 Read the History of Fort Devens, or check out this Fort Devens Photo Web site.

Or check out the New Devens Technology and Industrial Business Park.
Revere Hall, Fort Devens

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt has been a trading place since prehistoric times, a fact made inevitable by its location at a point where the Main River could be forded.  The Romans had a fort here until they were driven out by a succession of tribes.  Around A.D. 500, it was captured by the Franks, after which it became known as the Frank's ford.

The town assumed real importance as early as the 8th century, when Charlemagne held court here.  Between 1562 and 1806 Frankfurt was the coronation city of the Holy Roman emperors.  The long tradition of trade fairs dates from the early 13th century, and was responsible for the rise of the banking interests which dominate the city today.

Early bombed out of existence during World War II, Frankfurt was quickly rebuilt in the modern mold, its skyline dotted with high-rise office towers.  In recent years a determined effort has been made to restore what little remains of the past, and the sterility of its new architecture is gradually being relieved by attractive pedestrian zones.  Check out the New Frankfurt am Main.


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