Nick's European Trip
June 3 - July 1, 2005

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June 3, 2005

This trip began with a non-stop Lufthansa flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt.

I settled into the familiar Paris Hotel armed with a 30-day Eurail Train Ticket, and a new pair of Ecco walking shoes.

June 5, 2005.  Took a day trip to the historic university town of Marburg, one hour north of Frankfurt

June 6, 2005 traveled to Freiburg in Germany's Black Forest for a few days of hiking. 

Enjoyed a one-hour cruise on the Rhine River in the nearby village of Breisach with its famous castle.


June 8, 2005
Bregnez on Lake Constance (Bodensee).


The stone marker at the left shows the various levels of Lake Constance over the past centuries.

Note in the photo on the right that on June 11, 1999 the lake was almost 10 feet higher than its current level. (click to enlarge)

June 11, 2005.  Took a train across Austria to Italy and the Adriatic seaport of Trieste.

Trieste is a Hasburg city developed largely with Austrian capital to serve as the empire's great southern port.  But its brief heyday drew to a close after 1918 when it finally became Italian.


 The travel writer, Jan Morris, notes that Trieste was once the seventh largest port of the world.  But today it is only the third port of Italy.


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