Nick's European Trip
June 3 - July 1, 2005

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June 15, 2005 Riccione, Italy

Riccione was one of my favorite places on this trip largely because of the Hotel Reggiana and their beautiful swimming pool.

June 16, 2005.  Traveled by train and bus to the 16th century hill town of Urbino.


June 18, 2005.  Stresa on Lake Maggiore.

June 19, 2005. Hiked from Cannero to Cannobio on Lake Maggiore
Boat landing at Cannero Stone staircase leaving Cannero Hiking above Cannero
Hiking past ancient buildings Descending into Cannobio Arriving in Cannobio

June 20, 2005

Lausanne, Switzerland.  One of my favorite places on Lake Geneva.

Images on Lake Geneva
June 21, 2005 Walking along the lake between Lausanne and Pully

June 23, 2005 Lausanne

Took the 8:20 am train to Veney, then the 9:00 am train up to Les Pleiades 1,360m.

Hiked down to Blonay, St. Legier and Vevey (3 hrs).

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