Nick & Betty's European Trip
Sept. 16 to Oct. 7, 2010

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September 16: We flew from San Francisco to NYC where we were delayed at JFK by a terrific thunder storm
Sept. 16: A thunder storm delays all flights for 2 hours at JFK Sept 17: Arrival at Warsaw Airport after 9 hour flight is a blur
Our Warsaw Hotel: Castle Inn, first floor corner room Castle Square view from our hotel window with Manikin Exhibit
Polish insurance company's manikin display in Castle Square Betty and the manikin display
Eighty percent of Warsaw was destroyed during WWII, then reconstructed by the Polish people
Traditional Polish lunch at Old Town Square Stuffed Pork Pierogis and red beet soup
Historic church on street to Old Town Square The Royal Castle at the beginning of "The Royal Way"
A church on The Royal Way.  About 90% of Poles are Catholic. St Anne Church on The Royal Way
This narrow 2-story building has 24 apartments in the back Old Town arch and alleyway
Horse and carriage rides in Castle Square Organ grinder with parrot in Old Town Square
Sept 19: WWII Warsaw Resistance Fighters Commemoration Weapons Resistance Fighters used against Nazi Occupation
Children dressed as WWII Poles Polish boy demonstrating short-wave radio equipment
Our Warsaw guide explains the location of the Jewish Ghetto Warsaw's POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Memorial in the heart of Warsaw's Jewish Ghetto The street where Jews boarded trains for concentration camps
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