Nick & Betty's European Trip
August 31 to September 22, 2011

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Sept 5: Nurnberg, Germany. The Hauptmarkt and the Hospital of the Holy Spirit (Founded in 1332)
Nurnberg's St. Lawrence Church and St. Sebaldus Church
Albrecht Duer's Square Albrecht Duer's House and Museum
Kaiserburg Imperial Castle Tower and Cafe Historic building and book store near castle
A little village tucked into the heart of Nurnberg The walkway up to the Imperial Castle
Neues Museum: Nurnberg's museum of modern art and design
Neues Museum: Nurnberg's New Museum with color exhibition
Sept. 6: Dresden's Theaterplatz and Kongress Zentrum
Dresden's Frauenkirche Church and stairs to Bruhl Terrace
The Bruhl Terrace promenade offers magnificent views of the Elbe river
Dresden's Frauenkirche Church at Neumarkt built between 1726 and 1743
Dresden's Town Place at Schlossplatz
One of the many Dresden historical touring companies
Chicken and pasta Fish and boiled potatoes
Dresden at night
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Nick Maffei's 2003 Summer vacation in Europe