Nick's European Trip
May 28 through June 25, 2014

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June 8: Strasbourg "Le Petite France"
June 8: Strasbourg "Le Petite France" was named a UNESCO World Heritage site
June 8: Strasbourg "Le Petite France" famous for its half-timber houses
 Strasbourg's Cathedral dates from the 15th century
Strasbourg's Cathedral was the worlds tallest building from 1647 to 1874
June 9: Molsheim, France is in the Alsace region west of Strasbourg.  Its Jesuit church was built in 1615.
Molsheim is home to the Bugatti auto factory.  Ettore Bugatti ( 1881-1947)
Molsheim.  The old town contains a considerably number of old houses and attractive commerical buildings
June 9: Colmar, France
Colmar is renown for its well preserved old town
Colmar's cathedral was built between 1234 and 1365
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Nick Maffei's 2003 Summer vacation in Europe