Italy and America

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I recall that I was born in a small town named Monte Sano, located in the province of Salerno, Italy. I have searched through all my personal papers but have not found any documentation of my place of my birth, nor have I located my hometown on my full-size AAA Touring Map of Italy.

However, I did locate the town of Montisse, in the province of Salerno. I also located the birthplace of Mom's parents; a town called Atena Lucana. It was located near by our town; we were almost next door neighbors. Perhaps that's why we became so comfortable together.

My passport has an official stamp dated August 14, 1911. I assume that it was our departure date to America. The stamp is from the town of Sala Consilina, which may have been in the next county. Since I was able to locate this town on the map, our town, Monte Sano, must have been a small village located near Sala Consilina.

In later years, before my teens, I remember some small talk in our family about how Monte Sano was a small village. It was fortunate for me to hear this since small children were never allowed in family discussions. It was the old custom. Very strict rules from very strict parents.

My father left Italy in 1911 in order to find work in America. He was 31 years old, having been born in 1879. He worked as a shoemaker in Brooklyn, and in Newark, New Jersey. He worked hard, saved his money and, and six months later sent my mother and I the fare for our voyage to America.

Ellis Island
I was about three and one half years old when I arrived in America. We immigrated through Ellis Island in October 1911. I don't remember much about those early years, and don't recall our ocean trip.

About 1917, my mother's parents and family joined us in America: Grandmother Giovani, Grandfather Michael Liguori, and their daughters, Concetta, Rose, Anna, and sons, Elia and Luigi.

Uncle Luigi Liguori came from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loved to travel, and loved Argentina. He was a fashion tailor; a maker of men's and ladies suits. Uncle Elia (pronounced Alli) became a chef in several good restaurants. My mother worked as a seamstress in a men's clothing factory. My aunts took employment wherever they could find it. They had no choice in those days. Jobs were scarce. We were always seeking help from friends in finding work.