663 So. Market Street, Newark, NJ


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After a few years, we moved from 646 South Market Street to 663 South Market Street. This was a larger house- three stories. It had three outdoor toilets, one for each floor.

Two families lived on the top floor, two on the second floor. Our family occupied the first floor, which had a large store in the front, and a kitchen and three bedrooms in the back. 


My mother, father, and I had one room, my grandparents, their three daughters, and my sister, Rose, shared the third bedroom. The four of them slept on two double beds. In those days, the number of people that shared a bedroom, or slept in one bed was practically unlimited.

Where Uncle Louie slept is still a mystery. He and my Dad shared the large store in front, which served as a shoe repair and tailor shop. Perhaps the store had a hidden couch, which Uncle Louie would use to sleep on