The Automobile  


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packard_t.jpg (13955 bytes)It seems my life has always been directed toward the automobile industry. Even at a very early age, I loved the excitement of the automobile and was fascinated by the most exciting cars of the day.

Often I would sit in the front of my dad's store, under his watchful eye, of course, and name all the passing cars without any errors. I was also looking out for motorists in trouble with a flat tire or in need of a push, and was quick to offer our assistance.


My life today is somewhat as I had wished for in my earlier years. The most important part is that I somehow, I was able to follow my desire to become an auto mechanic. I remember a lot of persuasion on my part to make my parents understand and see my point of view. I guess they gave up and said OK. My mom wanted me to be an office worker, a manager. But it was not on my wish list I finally won out. It was a stroke of luck. I managed to win them over and decided to be a auto mechanic.