Eddie Duchin Music

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We loved Eddie Duchin music but seldom had the opportunity to hear him. However, there was someone named Bill McCune who sounded just like Eddie Duchin, and he would broadcast every Saturday night from Armonk, New York.



About this time, I purchased a 1934 Chevy. It was a much heavier car than the Ford coupe, so I decided that we would drive up to Armonk to hear Bill McCune. I studied my maps for several weeks and mapped out our route.

On the first Saturday of the month, Jule and I left for Armonk. It was a long drive and when we got there, it was mobbed with people. We listened to him and watched him for a long while and then after a sumptuous meal, drove home. By then it was late in the evening and there was not much traffic on the road, and we got back home about 2 a.m. It was a thrilling evening. I got to see him and hear him play in person. I will never forget it.