Sal Ferrara   


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sal2.jpg (64171 bytes)I could name a dozen memorable characters in my life, some more outstanding than others. There were some in the business field, some were friends, some were family. Sometimes when I'm watching TV, I may see a character that reminds me of someone I know or have known, but have lost contact with. Here's a case in point. When Bill Cosby comes on Thursday night on NBC, he will almost instantly remind me of Uncle Sal. He'd do the same dance in order to be funny at any gathering together.
Sal's a character you just don't forget. While there are many more characters like him that I cherish in my life like him, he stood out the most. He was always being the comedian, funny, happy. He had a very good sense of humor. There wasn't much fault you could find with him that would be very important. Of course, I'm speaking from a man's point of view. The women might think something different. But I liked him. We really had many good times together. We enjoyed each other's company, friendship and the good times.