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I remember when I first became a grandparent. It was like the news when World War II ended. We were exuberant! We were happy, and toasting the new arrival and blessing his little heart. Most of all his coming was the assurance that the Maffei name will continue on in life, never to be forgotten. Maybe to make a Pulitzer Prize winner in this world some day.

I don't favor any one of my three grandchildren. I love each in their own way. My impression is that each one is so different the others. They are all individuals, which I am happy about. This way you can show no preference and cannot judge one against the other. Each one has their own distinctive way and personality in life.

Michael III was our first grandchild. He was always a good boy; respectful, easy-going, and intellectual. He was good to have along at all times. He is always very sociable and honest. He was very dear to us being the first grandchild. He is still very dear to us.

Mark is a bit more outspoken. He has a mind of his own. He is more sure of himself. I am confident that he can become a good cadet in the Air Force.

David is a child with an excessive amount of energy and lots of ambition. He is very knowledgeable about school, work and sports. Not to mention being a computer operator at age seven or eight. He will go places. We will be very proud of him.


I guess I would describe myself as a good grandparent because of the love we have for each grandchild. We love to see them, enjoy them, and assist them in any way. We do not overrule any wish of theirs unless we believe it would not be beneficial to them or their life. We try to guide their thinking to the straight and narrow path. We express lots and lots of love for them.

I think I had some effect on my grandchildren, on two of them especially--Michael III and Mark. The biggest effect I had on them was making the calzone. That's something they'll never forget. Mark once even called his mother and told her to get the recipe from me for calzone. They tried it, but he said it's not like Granddad's. Michael III, I believe, has made similar remarks.

I don't know why my calzone is so special. Maybe I have a golden touch. But I don't want to boast too much. People might get the wrong impression.

My impression on David was trying to make his love of working with tools in the garage a lot easier, and make him more knowledgeable. I know he loves to work with tools.

David also used to love for me to tell him stories while riding in the back seat of my car. I had to think up different stores that I made up as we went along. I often wonder how I did it. I did help a little In that direction. He always wanted me to tell him a story. And I like the way he used to ask me to read to him. We always enjoyed sitting down and reading a good book together. He is going to be some boy when he grows up. I'll be very proud of him.

My grandchildren also had an effect on me. They made me a lot more vulnerable. I had to give to them in order to satisfy their desires and to do their heart's wishes. But I allow them only so much, drawing the line between good and bad, and right and wrong.