San Francisco 2005
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 ASA Reunion at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, May 2005

Sal at Golden gate Bridge Overlook

Joan and Mary Lou at Twin Peaks Tommy and Friend
Drexelius and Brodict at Fort Point Roberts and Quintana at GG Bridge Tommy, Joe and Nick at SBC Park
Mary Lou and Paul Brodict

Henry and Norma Booke

Bob and Liz Drexelius

Shirley and Joe Roberts

Nick, Gerald, Tommy and Joe

Vie and Jim Coliny

Sal, Pat and Joan

Jim Drew and Henry Booke

Mary Lou, Pat, and Vie

Tarantino's Restaurant

Leila and Joan

Tarantino's Restaurant

Schroeder's German Restaurant

Schroeder's Mural

Schroeder's Bar

Schroeder's Restaurant Happy Hour Schroeder's Restaurant

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