Nick's trip to Northern Italy
July 5 to July 19, 2008

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July 10: Asolo, a lovely hill town which Venice granted to Caterina Cornaro, the former Queen of Cyprus in 1489 The public bus dropped me off below the town of Asolo, and I had to walk up a steep, narrow road to the town center
The arched entrance to the city.  Asolo was also home to the English poet Robert Browning
Asolo has beautiful old buildings and very narrow streets The Piazza Garbaldi fountain is fed by a Roman aqueduct
The Asolo Cathedral was built in 1747 Weathered window shutters and azaleas
July 11: Bassano del Grappa. Located in the foothills of the Alps, and one of my favorite cities in Northern Italy
Citta di Bassano del Grappa and bridge entrance The famous wooden bridge, known as Ponte Vecchio
Piazza Garibaldi in early morning A news stand with a colorful building, clock and bell
The Cathedral built around the year 1000 but renovated in 1417 Piazza Liberta in early morning
The city is famous for its ancient arches and renaissance buildings built in the baroque Venetian style
The colorful buildings lining the river Fiume Brenta are reminiscent of the canals of Venice
Bassano del Grappa has a quiet walk which follows along with the river
A view of the Castello Superiore (Upper Castle) with its hotels and restaurants
July and August: the “Opera Estate Festival Veneto”
Alponte Ristorante: I enjoyed grilled salmon on a bed of spinach, mixed salad and delicious wine
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