Nick & Betty's European Trip
Sept. 16 to Oct. 7, 2010

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Sept 22: We flew from Krakow to Frankfurt, Germany Kaiserstrasse, Frankfurt
Sept 23: Frankfurt's financial skyline near the Romer Frankfurt Cathedral and Main River Boat Dock
We wandered along the river walk in Sachsenhausen Bar and Restaurant near Altebruckle bridge
Betty visited Nick's old Army post at Gutleut Kaserne Nick visited his favorite cafe across from Gutleut Kaserne
Salmon with spinach, broccoli and potatoes Steak with broccoli and potatoes
Sept 24: We rented a car and drove to the Neckar River Valley Our first stop was Hirschhorn near Heidelberg
Hirschhorn, known as the 'Pearl of the Neckar River Valley,' is located on the historic "Castle Road"
Hirschhorn was pretty quiet, just a few children on their way to school
We stopped for lunch in the pretty town of Mosbach
Mosbach historic town center Timbered-framed houses dating from the 16th century
Sept 24: We stayed overnight in the lovely town of Schwabisch Hall, crowded with tourists despite the rain
Sept 25: We drove to Tubingen, a university town on the Neckar River
Tubingen famous picturesque Neckar river front Tubingen is an attractive town to wander around even in the rain
Sept 26: Wurzburg with its Marieberg Fortress and Bridge over the Main River is a very impressive sight
We took the steep but pleasant 20-minute walk up to the Fortress
Main entrance to the fortress Inside the walls of the fortress
View of Wurzburg Cathedral and City Hall We ate a pleasant lunch at the Fortress Cafe
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Nick Maffei's 2003 Summer vacation in Europe