Nick & Betty's European Trip
Sept. 16 to Oct. 7, 2010

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Sept 27: We drove to Bad Ems, a popular resort on the Lahn River where it joins the Rhine River
There were very few tourist in Bad Ems this late in the season
We drove down the Rhine River and then up the Mosel River to Trier, and the Porta Nigra (Roman City Gate built in 200 AD)
Sept 28: We took a train to Luxembourg and were impressed with the tour of this small but financially influential city
The light rain prevented eating outdoors But it was fun to wander around the old town
Luxembourg Old town streets and tree-lined squares
Sept 29: We took a fast TGV train to Paris and wandered along the Seine River
Two French pastry shops near the Pompidou Museum
Lunch at a Left-Bank restaurant: Grilled salmon and salad
Sept 30: We took a local train to Argenteuil on the Seine River Then searched in vain for the location of Monet's river paintings
Oct 1: We took a train to Vernon and then a bus to Monet's house and gardens in Giverny
Photos are not allow in Monet's House; these images of Monet's Dinning Room and Kitchen were scanned from the admission tickets  
Monet's famous Lily Pond and bridge Path to Water Lily Pond crossed under the road
Monet's Garden is a great day-trip from Paris, and very pleasant place to wander around.
Oct 2: We took a train to the suburb of Poissy on the Seine River
Possy was very popular with the Impressionists artist in the 19th century
A beautiful half-timbered house near the Seine River
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