Senator Daniel Inouye  


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I met many men that I admired and would like to have pattern my life after them, especially men with a flow of words that come so easy and mean so much. Words spoken so that the common man could understand. It is something I would love to master.

For example, I love listening to the United States Senators as they questioned Colonel North and Admiral Poindexter about the Iran-Contra Scandal. The ease they showed in rendering the questions even when they were nervous. It was remarkable. They make it look some simple, it makes you wonder how they do it.

Especially Senator Daniel Inouye from Hawaii. He was fantastic. I've never seen a man speak with such eloquence and ease, and to the point. It was really fantastic, I couldn't get over it. His tone of voice, his ease in projecting words, his knowledge and power of the English language. He is the type of man I admire. I could never master the art of speaking like that without first getting a good education.

Of course there were other Senators I liked, but if I had to choose one it would be Senator Iouye. I read his biography, and I think Senator Iouye was a Harvard graduate, beside having a law degree. He was also a war hero and wounded during WW II. He lost one arm or hand and doesn't have use of his right hand.

He can speak with so much ease. I could never express myself that way. The least little thing gets me nervous, and I wish I wouldn't, I get so angry with myself because I let something irritate me, it just burns me up. But I can't help it. I'm high strung that way. I forgive a lot, but when something irritates me or something is said that isn't true, I just fall apart.

I wish I was able to control myself a lot better. But that's they way I am. I can't help it. It's not that I haven't tried, but my personality is that way. I don't often get angry, but when I see something that is not right, I get riled up. You will have to forgive me for being that way, but I can't help it. Sometimes I become hoarse because I get so nervous. My voice changes, if I'm not relaxed. It's not that I have any pressure on me, it's just that I am so eager to get going and get things done.

I also admire the great singers, musicians, and actors who have mastered the English language. I especially like to watch some of the old-time movie stars who play prosecutors, judges and lawyers, and marvel at how well they state their cases in the courtroom. Of course, it is not real life, it is all written out for them, but they still have to act it out. If it happened to you in real life it would be altogether different. Anger seems to come a lot quicker than when they show it in the movies. But those old movies and trial scenes are only memories now. At least I have them for my old age-only a few of us have.