Age 80


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m_80.jpg (54603 bytes)What is it like to be 80 year old? Wow! I think it's fantastic to reach the age of 80. Just to think that my parents never reached that age, although my mother did live until she was 78 years old. But I can't recall any of my uncles reaching that age. My three aunts, Concetta, Rose and Anna, are still living today. They are 91, 88, and 84, respectively.

I don't know to what they attributed their old age, but I can attribute mine to living a good healthy life. Not smoking, moderate alcohol, and wine with my meals at all times. I can only remember three times in my life that I abused my drinking of alcohol. After each time, I swore it would never happen again. The third was the one that did it.

I am happy to reach the age of 80, and Jule will feel that way too. Not many people reach the age of 80 without having some physical problem or ailment.

What is important about being old is not to overdo anything injurious to your health or life. I recommend drinking a lot of milk for good solid bones and teeth, exercising all you can when you can, but not overdoing it, and having lots of love for your fellow man and all outdoors.

Speaking about milk, I remember in my teen years I would consume about two quarts of milk a day. I just loved good, cold milk. Many times I would drink down a quart without stopping. When I was a teenager, my dad would go to a farm nearby and purchase fresh milk. He'd bring it home and we would all drink it. In Italy there used to be goat's milk for me, to build me up.