City College Manchester 1996 - 1997
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Nick Maffei in Manchester, England


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Chester -is an Ancient walled city founded by the Romans 2000 years age.  I hiked the two-mile walkway around the old City wall.  Pleasure boats and paddle boats are still in use on the River Dee.
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Blackpool - Famous English resort on a warm August afternoon.  Note the donkey ride at left, and the effect of the incoming tide.

I took a train to Blackpool crowded with vacationers with huge suitcases, and stood up most of the way.  The tide came in and went out while I was there.  It was amazingly fast.



The Cottingham Brass Band performing in York Town Square.  Beautiful Music!   Especially the French Horn solo "Believe me if all Those Endearing Young Charms..." an old Irish folk Tune.  Also the trumpet solo "Goodbye to Love."


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The York City Walls.  Three miles around- you can walk it, and I did.
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Hiking in Hayfield in Derbyshire, about one hour south of Manchester.  The George Hotel, established in 1575 was our starting point. 
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Lake District

Lake Windermere

Scarborough.  Beautiful resort on the English Channel.


Scarborough Harbor

St. Ives
StIves_1.jpg (75902 bytes) Tide in. 



Tide out at dusk.

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Oxford/Woodstock Cambridge
Blenheim.jpg (72200 bytes) Blenheim Place.  Birthplace of Winston Churchill.

The Backs, on River Cam

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