City College Manchester 1996 - 1997
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Nick Maffei in Manchester, England


City College Manchester Fulbrighters Britain Europe Visitors

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fielden.jpg (31577 bytes) Fielden Centre, City College of Manchester is similar to City College of San Francisco in that it is a large, urban multi-campus, two-year institution with similar student population.  CCM is one of the ten largest Further Education colleges in England.  Nick Maffei taught at the Fielden Centre (shown at left) which was within a few minutes walking distance of his apartment on Clyde Road.

CCM Faculty

Faculty Office at CCM 
Fielden Park. 
Left to right:  Raj Mistry, Maggie Millas, Maggie Karevat.  
All dressed up in casual clothes, ready to leave on a two-day residential trip with sixty students.


CCMFaculty.jpg (94493 bytes) LeaGreen_2.jpg (97618 bytes)
Ray, Maggie and Maria unloading a student in a wheelchair.
Lea Green Student Residential Weekend
LeaGreen_1.jpg (109878 bytes) GNVQ students and staff unloading luggage from bus at Lea Green, near Matlock Baths in Derbyshire.

Paul (Lea Green, Director) giving the students an orientation and instructions.

LeaGreen_3.jpg (86950 bytes)
LeaGreen_4.jpg (121842 bytes) Students working on one of the problem solving exercises called, Barrels and Planks.  They have to move the barrels 20 meters without their feet touching the ground.  The students sitting on the wall are awaiting their turn. LeaGreen_5.jpg (96637 bytes)
My Christmas Party, December 18, 1996
CCMChristmas_1.jpg (291058 bytes) CCM Faculty celebrating at my  Christmas Party.  

Maggie Smuithwaite, Maggie Millns, Margret Clifton,
Norma Collins.

CCMChristmas_2.jpg (241544 bytes)
CCMChristmas_3.jpg (339242 bytes) David Cronin, Maggie Millns, Margaret Clifton Steve Hale, Raj Mistry, David Smuithwaite, Zaiba Zaka.
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