City College Manchester 1996 - 1997
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Nick Maffei in Manchester, England


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In the 1996-97 academic year, Nick Maffei, Computer Studies Instructor at City College of San Francisco, was selected to participate in a Fulbright Teacher Exchange.  Nick exchanged classes with IT Instructor, Peter Goulden of City College Manchester, England.  This is an account of that exchange.
August 1996
GouldenHouse.jpg (88559 bytes) Peter and Catherine Goulden's house in Heaton Moor where I lived during my first month in England.   It is actually two attached houses with a brick wall and hedges - typical of British houses.  Photo on the right is their backyard.  Their two cats are hiding in the bushes somewhere. GouldenBackyard.jpg (128960 bytes)
Manchester, England
PiccadillyCtr.jpg (327360 bytes) UnivSciTech.jpg (309697 bytes) IRABomb.jpg (91707 bytes)
Manchester City Center with a view of Piccadilly Gardens on a quiet Sunday morning. The red brick building is the University of Manchester Science & Technology.  The building on far right had all its windows blown out, the result of an IRA bomb in July 1996, one month before I arrived in Manchester. 
(Click to see Manchester City Center in 2007)
61 Clyde Road, Didsbury
61ClydeRd_1.jpg (120636 bytes) My apartment at 61 Clyde Road, is on the right in the back of the building, behind the red dumpster.  The back stairs lead to my studio apartment.   61ClydeRd_2.jpg (100320 bytes)
61ClydeRd_3.jpg (71502 bytes) Note bathroom tub, no shower, but nice 10' ceilings.  My neighbors are University of Manchester faculty and students, mostly from India & Pakistan.

No closet. Only small wadrobe.

61ClydeRd_4.jpg (73347 bytes)
My kitchen.  Note Stove (Cooker).
Note diet: Wine, bananas, pears and peaches.


 My backyard view.

61ClydeRd_5.jpg (134108 bytes)

Clyde Road.
West Didsbury, Manchester.


 Manchester. Queenston Road.  
Looking toward Palatine Road.

61ClydeRd_6.jpg (143294 bytes)
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