City College Manchester 1996 - 1997
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Nick Maffei in Manchester, England


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Parks of Paris

ParisParks_1.jpg (169552 bytes) Parc des Buttes Chaumont.
An attractive traditional park in Eastern Paris.

Parc Andre' Citroen.
  One of the finest of Paris' new-style parks.  

ParisParks_2.jpg (73139 bytes)
ParisParks_3.jpg (149630 bytes) Parc de Bercy.
With Paris Omnisports in the background.

Place Des Vosges.
A vast square built for Louis XIII.  Expensive shops and galleries surround it.

ParisParks_4.jpg (146677 bytes)
France, Alsace    
Saverne, France. In the rain


.  The romantic canals of "Little Venice."

France: Brittany and Normandy
MontStMichel.jpg (103327 bytes) Mont St. Michael, Normandy.


Le Bono, South Brittany.
I stayed at Le Forban Hotel just to the right of this photo.

LeBono.jpg (76192 bytes)
France: Loire Valley
Chambord.jpg (89935 bytes) Chateau de Chambord
The largest chateau in the Loire Valley.

Chateau de Chenonceau.
On the River Cher, Loire Valley.


Chenonceau.jpg (80827 bytes)



BrusselsSq.jpg (89556 bytes) Brugge.jpg (88715 bytes)

Brugge, Flemish buildings

Brussels Square, New Years Eve

Brugge, frozen canals

Spain & Portugal
Nerja.jpg (109821 bytes) Nerja, Spain.  South of Malaga


Logas, Portugal

Lagos.jpg (83725 bytes)
Italy - Easter Vacation, March 1997
SantaMargherita.jpg (161178 bytes) Santa Margherita, Ligure


Taormina, Sicily

Taormina.jpg (72564 bytes)
Monterossa.jpg (112904 bytes) Monterossa, Cinque Terre
Empty in March, but packed with vacationers in July.


              Rialto Bridge,Venice

Venice.jpg (119140 bytes)
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